A Guide On Checking Casino Bonuses Online Before Taking Them

A Guide On Checking Casino Bonuses Online Before Taking Them

Most online casinos offer different bonuses and other promotions so as to attract the players while giving him a much larger edge. These casino bonuses are be used by gamblers to shift the house edge in their favor while winning over time. But before taking casino bonuses, there are some issues that you should be well aware of. So, what to check for in casino bonuses before signing up for them? Well, checking casino bonuses online to understand them completely is the main objective of this page. Just read on.

The two factors will probably help in making your decision for you, before taking casino bonuses is the wagering requirements and the allowed games. There are a couple of other factors to take consideration, like if you are “eligible” to claim the bonus or whether your residential circumstances carry additional requirements.

Eligibility: Before taking casino bonuses, another important issue to check upon is your eligibility for the bonus. Read carefully the restrictions or additional requirements for residents of certain countries. Some bonuses carry higher wagering requirements largely due to the amount of “bonus abuseā€ in some countries.

Claiming A Bonus:

While checking online casino bonuses, it is important to find out if the bonus is credited automatically, or whether you are supposed to claim for it. Some casinos will require you to claim your bonus through a link on the “Promotions” page or email the casino support. Read the terms which will tell you what to do.

Game Allowed: While checking casino bonuses online, you can be pretty much sure that any game that includes 50/50 bets, or close approximations, will not be allowed when you are counting bets towards a wagering requirement. Games like Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker and Craps are almost always disallowed. The reason is that these games offer high expected returns and can be an advantage to the players in bonus situations.

Wagering Requirements: You will come across some online casinos offering real good casino deals in bonuses.

However, most of these casinos will ask you to wager at least 15 times the total of the deposit and bonus before you can withdraw. Understand the wagering requirement while checking casino bonuses online before you deposit.

Maximum Cash outs: You will see a few casinos offering progressive jackpot in the form of maximum cash out on any money won using the signup bonus, which can be 10 times the amount of the bonus awarded. But before taking casino bonuses of these kind, make sure you understand all the rules that apply.