What Are Online Casino Betting Systems?

What Are Online Casino Betting Systems?

Casino betting system presents a series of moves which can, if used the right way, help player lower the house edge and beat the house will little risk.

The topic of casino betting systems has been present since the beginning of gambling. On one hand, there are those who claim that the system works because they won hundreds of thousands and on the other, many use math formulas to prove that the system is faulty.

So much controversy surrounds casino betting systems and its method of work that many use Voltaire, who allegedly found a flaw in French lottery and won it, as an example of how one can beatthe system. Others quote Albert Einstein who said that the only way to beat Roulette system is to steal the money right from the table.

Casino betting systems have always been a conundrum, just like UFOs – some have seen them, but there are many others who have not, and that is exactly why there is so much controversy about them. The math is simple – players can decrease the odds and win high prizes in most casino games without any risk, if they get to know the betting system.

Odds And Percentages

If we think logically about casino betting systems, we come to a conclusion that they are formed based on percentages and mathematics. So basically, one can beat the system of one finds the right formula. No one has ever found a formula that guarantees a win without a loss.

Many people tried to prove that there are ways of beating a casino betting system. There are also many websites that have only one purpose – beating the system. Those websites offer ‘the formula’ in return for money. You should stay away of such websites, because they serve as false advertising. If there was a way for beating a system, you would probably read an article about it right here.

Basically, the risk of losing cannot be avoided. Every game has a house edge percentage which ensures that casinos do not lose more money than they get. However, you will find certain strategies for playing games which sound logical, but they will not bring you high prizes. The house edge simply cannot be bypassed.

What Are Casino Betting Systems Based On?

Most inexperienced players think that if they play long enough they will eventually win. Gambling industry refers to this as the Gambler’s fallacy. It is also the reason why many players lost a lot of money overnight. Players should do researches on house edge, RTP (return to player) percentages and odds so they are informed about how the system works.

A classic example of Gambler’s fallacy is when you see a player bet all his money on Red, simply because he saw five Blacks in a row. Players neglect the odds of their wager. The odds of hitting Red are just as high as hitting Black, every single time.

Every bet is separate and if you had a 35% chance for winning a bet the first time, then you will have 35% chance twenty times after. No formula can change that outcome. Nowadays, they even have software that can beat casino RNGs and tell you which bet to make. Those do not work either.

Also, there is a simple way you can tell that this is fake. Why would someone sell you their ‘secret’ for AU$50 or AU$100 if they have they can use it to make hundreds of thousands or even millions?

Final Thoughts

Use basic game strategies and try to stay away from promising ‘beat the system’ nonsense. Game strategies can teach you a lot about a game, but know that losses (small or big) cannot be avoided.

Also, if you really want to use a game system, try D’Alambert or Martingales – they are based on the size of your bet. However, these systems can bring you small and regular profits, but they also put your entire bankroll at risk.

Play Betting Games Interested Way At Iron Bet

Play Betting Games Interested Way At Iron Bet

Nowadays people are willing to play more betting games after they will get some proper permission from the government. A Lot of users are interested to play such games because they will lot of offers and discounts. So users can choose the betting sites based on offers and discounts to be given to such users, in that way the betting company has introduced many offers to the users.

Now most of the users are like to play betting in any kind of game formats like that they will design, in that many international and local games are also presented in that way users can bet on the particular team when they will win that game the users can get more points and rewards so that users can play more games when they will get more money. With the current trends most of the users are like to play betting games when they will give many offers and discounts. This kind of situation comes when most of the betting sites are coming on the market so that everyone to give offers to the users to visit their sites.

Get More Offers And Discount Codes At Iron Bet

After getting some money using betting the users are like to bet more money in any kinds of games because the interest as comes in own way once they are participating in betting games. In that way the iron bet can get from the club of games to make that cash as in a benefited thing so that they will give some offers and discounts.

Based on that users can interest to play such games and like to have more money if they win in those games. In most of the times users are like to have many benefits based on offers and discounts so that like to watch every game. So the Iron bet introduces many offers and discounts in that way the users are like to play such betting games. The users in the current years like to participate more games when such benefits are comes for their so that they will like to continue such games in real formats and interesting ways.

A Guide On Checking Casino Bonuses Online Before Taking Them

A Guide On Checking Casino Bonuses Online Before Taking Them

Most online casinos offer different bonuses and other promotions so as to attract the players while giving him a much larger edge. These casino bonuses are be used by gamblers to shift the house edge in their favor while winning over time. But before taking casino bonuses, there are some issues that you should be well aware of. So, what to check for in casino bonuses before signing up for them? Well, checking casino bonuses online to understand them completely is the main objective of this page. Just read on.

The two factors will probably help in making your decision for you, before taking casino bonuses is the wagering requirements and the allowed games. There are a couple of other factors to take consideration, like if you are “eligible” to claim the bonus or whether your residential circumstances carry additional requirements.

Eligibility: Before taking casino bonuses, another important issue to check upon is your eligibility for the bonus. Read carefully the restrictions or additional requirements for residents of certain countries. Some bonuses carry higher wagering requirements largely due to the amount of “bonus abuse” in some countries.

Claiming A Bonus:

While checking online casino bonuses, it is important to find out if the bonus is credited automatically, or whether you are supposed to claim for it. Some casinos will require you to claim your bonus through a link on the “Promotions” page or email the casino support. Read the terms which will tell you what to do.

Game Allowed: While checking casino bonuses online, you can be pretty much sure that any game that includes 50/50 bets, or close approximations, will not be allowed when you are counting bets towards a wagering requirement. Games like Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker and Craps are almost always disallowed. The reason is that these games offer high expected returns and can be an advantage to the players in bonus situations.

Wagering Requirements: You will come across some online casinos offering real good casino deals in bonuses.

However, most of these casinos will ask you to wager at least 15 times the total of the deposit and bonus before you can withdraw. Understand the wagering requirement while checking casino bonuses online before you deposit.

Maximum Cash outs: You will see a few casinos offering progressive jackpot in the form of maximum cash out on any money won using the signup bonus, which can be 10 times the amount of the bonus awarded. But before taking casino bonuses of these kind, make sure you understand all the rules that apply.

NextCasino Offers Free Spins In Lavish Autumn Giveaway

NextCasino Offers Free Spins In Lavish Autumn Giveaway

Enjoy the arcade-like atmosphere of Starburst pokie and you could win 1,000 free spins in the autumnal promotion at NextCasino.

NextCasino is an online casino which is chock-a-block with games. With over 700 games on offer, you are sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

The best thing about NextCasino is that they are always looking for new innovative ways to surprise their loyal players, hence you should definitely take a look at their new autumnal giveaway.

NextCasino Raffle Offers Chance To Win 1,000 Free Spins

This promotion focuses on free spins and pokies. It gives you the chance to enter a raffle in which 10 lucky players will win 1,000 free spins on the featured game, Starburst pokie.

The eligibility criteria and restrictions for this promotion are as follows:– you must either deposit $25 or play at a least 200 real money rounds on any of NextCasino’s pokies during the promotional period.– real money rounds are those that are played on all available paylines– the promotional period is 14 October (00:01 GMT) to 18 October (23:59 GMT)– the deposit must be turned over three times– only one account per person can enter– the wagering requirement on any winnings which result from the free spins is 50xIf you tire of playing Starburst pokie, you can always switch to online rouletteor online blackjack or any other of NextCasino’s 700+ games.

NextCasino Starburst Pokie Promotion

Starburst has an arcade-like atmosphere due to its use of a vibrant mix of colours. It is a 5-reel, 3-row pokie which allows Both Way Wins. It includes the Starburst Wild which does not operate like a traditional Wild. Instead, the Starburst Wild expands to fill-up the entire reel. Since it remains in place for 3 re-spins, your chances of hitting a huge win are astronomically increased.

The pokie is developed by the leading software developer NetEnt. They are renowned for their innovative treatment of “win anticipation” in pokies. So, do not be surprised if you are slightly dazzled when your screen lights up with a high energy presentation after a big win.

Starburst offers the authentic video pokie experience. So, give it a go with the free spins on offer in NextCasino’s autumnal promotion. You will not only have some fun but maybe also win a big payout.

Aladdin’s Gold Casino Review

Aladdin’s Gold Casino Review

If you want to experience safe and reliable gaming, Aladdin’s Gold Casino is the right casino for you. It is also one of the most popular casinos in US.

After the USA changed their gambling laws the whole gamblers community was shaken to the core. Due to that law casinos are now divided to those that accept US players and those that don’t. The number of the casinos that do accept is much smaller which is why the players from US find it hard to encounter a good online casino.

Disrespecting this law can bring a lot of troubles and some serious consequences from both the authorities and casinos. Luckily, there are still casinos like Aladdin’s Gold that allow US players to play and feel appreciated. Software in this casino is developed by Real Time Gaming which guarantees you a great gaming experience.

Aladdin’s Gold Casino – Ownership And Safety

Always make sure to check the licence jurisdiction before you entrust a casino with your money. If a company that owns the casino is respected and the licence comes from a good jurisdiction than that’s more than enough to trust a casino.

Aladdin’s Gold Casino belongs to Club World Casinos group which owns 6 more extremely popular casinos. They’ve been around since 2004 and are based in the UK. They own casinos like Lucky Red, All Stars Slots, etc.

Aladdin’s Gold licence belongs to Curacao jurisdiction which is one of the oldest jurisdictions in the world that has been issuing gambling licences since 1996. Their licences are issued only to those who pass successfully all of their testing and investigative processes. You can trust Aladdin’s Gold Casino 100% because you are completely safe with them.

Aladdin’s Gold Casino – Payments And Promotions

Aladdin’s Gold Casino has a wide choice of payments and numerous promotions that can get you a lot of free money. All transactions are conducted under the protection of the latest encrypting technology that is used in all bigger financial institutions and banks. In Aladdin’s Gold Casino you can do all payment via Visa, MasterCard, EcoCard and eWallets.

Deposits are instantaneous, whereas withdrawals can take up to 5 business days. Before you make your first withdrawal you’ll be asked to send a copy of your ID so that the casino can confirm your identity.

Aladdin’s welcome bonus lets you choose between 200% and 100% bonus. The first is valid only for pokies whereas the second is available for all games. The wagering requirement for both of these is your bonus amount x30.

There are also additional deposit bonuses for pokies that give 65-70% in free money with 3 deposit codes and if you use them all up you’ll get 40 free spins. Also, surprise bonuses are not a rare thing in Aladdin’s Gold so you should constantly keep checking their promotions page.

Aladdin’s Gold Casino – Game Selection

All the unnecessary and flashy distractions are removed so that they would not mess with your concentration while playing. They have instant play and pc client casino and they both contain over 200 games with great graphics that is powered by Real Time Gaming.

They have over 100 awesome pokies with RTG’s recognizable graphics, design, themes and prizes. These also include several pokies with progressive jackpots.

Also, they offer over 25 classic games such as Baccarat, Craps, online blackjack, online roulette, Casino poker, etc. If you, however, want more then you also have games like Keno, Bingo, Video Poker, Scratch Cards, etc.

This casino is a living and fully functioning proof that everything is not lost for all those players that come from the USA and that there is still a few online gambling casinos for them as well.