What Are Online Casino Betting Systems?

What Are Online Casino Betting Systems?

Casino betting system presents a series of moves which can, if used the right way, help player lower the house edge and beat the house will little risk.

The topic of casino betting systems has been present since the beginning of gambling. On one hand, there are those who claim that the system works because they won hundreds of thousands and on the other, many use math formulas to prove that the system is faulty.

So much controversy surrounds casino betting systems and its method of work that many use Voltaire, who allegedly found a flaw in French lottery and won it, as an example of how one can beatthe system. Others quote Albert Einstein who said that the only way to beat Roulette system is to steal the money right from the table.

Casino betting systems have always been a conundrum, just like UFOs – some have seen them, but there are many others who have not, and that is exactly why there is so much controversy about them. The math is simple – players can decrease the odds and win high prizes in most casino games without any risk, if they get to know the betting system.

Odds And Percentages

If we think logically about casino betting systems, we come to a conclusion that they are formed based on percentages and mathematics. So basically, one can beat the system of one finds the right formula. No one has ever found a formula that guarantees a win without a loss.

Many people tried to prove that there are ways of beating a casino betting system. There are also many websites that have only one purpose – beating the system. Those websites offer ‘the formula’ in return for money. You should stay away of such websites, because they serve as false advertising. If there was a way for beating a system, you would probably read an article about it right here.

Basically, the risk of losing cannot be avoided. Every game has a house edge percentage which ensures that casinos do not lose more money than they get. However, you will find certain strategies for playing games which sound logical, but they will not bring you high prizes. The house edge simply cannot be bypassed.

What Are Casino Betting Systems Based On?

Most inexperienced players think that if they play long enough they will eventually win. Gambling industry refers to this as the Gambler’s fallacy. It is also the reason why many players lost a lot of money overnight. Players should do researches on house edge, RTP (return to player) percentages and odds so they are informed about how the system works.

A classic example of Gambler’s fallacy is when you see a player bet all his money on Red, simply because he saw five Blacks in a row. Players neglect the odds of their wager. The odds of hitting Red are just as high as hitting Black, every single time.

Every bet is separate and if you had a 35% chance for winning a bet the first time, then you will have 35% chance twenty times after. No formula can change that outcome. Nowadays, they even have software that can beat casino RNGs and tell you which bet to make. Those do not work either.

Also, there is a simple way you can tell that this is fake. Why would someone sell you their ‘secret’ for AU$50 or AU$100 if they have they can use it to make hundreds of thousands or even millions?

Final Thoughts

Use basic game strategies and try to stay away from promising ‘beat the system’ nonsense. Game strategies can teach you a lot about a game, but know that losses (small or big) cannot be avoided.

Also, if you really want to use a game system, try D’Alambert or Martingales – they are based on the size of your bet. However, these systems can bring you small and regular profits, but they also put your entire bankroll at risk.